Handy Tips to Hack Your Space in FLEXspace!

No need to wait, get the most out of FLEXspace today!

While we wait to release the next amazing FLEXspace features in our product development roadmap, including Galleries, Idea Boards, and the expanded Member Directory, here are a few tips you can use today to get the most out of FLEXspace.

1. Find ‘who’s who’ at your campus by using the Collaborators feature

Problem: I want to find out who else at my institution has a FLEXspace account, but the Member Directory isn’t available yet. 

Solution: Use the ‘Add Collaborators’ feature to ‘hack the member directory!’

Once logged into FLEXspace:

  • Create a bogus space and SAVE it so you can see the ‘Collaborators’ button (but DO NOT publish it).
    • OR Edit one of your own spaces.
  • Click the Collaborators button.
  • Use the search bar at the bottom and search by institution name. All individuals with a FLEXspace account at your institution will appear in the list below.
  • If you like, enter their email in the bar above to INVITE them to join FLEXspace.


2. Use a hashtag to create a makeshift “Idea Board”

Problem: My colleagues and I want to create a collection of example spaces to share during a presentation, but the Gallery and Idea Board features aren’t available yet. 

Solution: Use a #hashtag to tag certain spaces to ‘hack the Idea Board!’

If you have access to edit the space, as an ‘owner’ or ‘collaborator:

  • Click to EDIT the space:
  • Add a hashtag in the ‘Additional Specs’ area, or anywhere in the description. For example, we’re going to show all the maker spaces uploaded from CSU campuses at an upcoming conference. We’ll have all the CSU contributors add the hashtag #calstatemaker to their space descriptions.
  • Now, when viewing All Spaces, use the hashtag to search


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