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The FLEXspace Initiative

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The FLEXspace initiative is a large collaborative effort that started in the State University System of New York and quickly spread.

FLEXspace – The Flexible Learning Environments eXchange – is an innovative tool that supports a highly-engaged community of experts, decision makers, influencers, and practitioners from higher education, K-12, libraries, museums and industry committed to improve learning space planning, design and implementation.

Learn more about the FLEXspace core team and research and evaluation working group.

The FLEXspace Portal

FLEXspace provides a sophisticated suite of features that allow users to document and showcase learning spaces, share resources and best practices, work collaboratively with campus colleagues and partners, and connect with an ever-expanding worldwide community. Use FLEXspace to help you plan, design, implement, maintain, assess, and improve your campus learning spaces. FLEXspace membership is free for academic users, and available to others through partnership support.

Typical FLEXspace Users

FLEXspace users include anyone tasked with planning, design, implementation, and assessment of campus learning spaces, as well as the instructors who use these spaces:

  • Academic technology leaders
  • Campus buyers
  • Designers
  • Facilities planners
  • Faculty
  • Librarians
  • Managers
  • Scholars

FLEXspace users 2018

The Evolution of FLEXspace 2.0

The highly anticipated FLEXspace 2.0 portal has been re-designed from extensive stakeholder input and user research. See What’s new in FLEXspace 2.0.

Phased Rollout Roadmap

January 2018 – The rollout began with full migration of all “legacy” spaces from the original portal and the ability to browse, filter, and view the existing collection of over 300 global learning environments!

  • NOTE: These legacy spaces were created in the old interface and migrated as of November 2017, with wide variation in details and images. The new stylish case study template format provides new and convenient options for detailing a space.

June 2018 – Now, users can:

  • Search all spaces
  • Like” spaces and add them to your “Liked Spaces” page
  • Create/Edit a Space with the new template (from computer or mobile browser)
  • Add collaborators (co-editors) who can also add images and details to your spaces.
  • See “My Spaces” page with your private and published spaces
  • Create your Member Profile
  • Join the Community Forum discussions

Summer 2018 – Further phased development of:

  • Galleries (collections curated by the FLEXspace team and guest editors)
  • Toolkit  (resources that aren’t tied to a particular space, such as planning templates, instructor guides and support, research or white papers, and more)
  • Idea Boards (Think “Pinterest” where you can tag your favorites and organize them in folders that you may publish to the FLEXspace community, or keep private. Add collaborators to a shared Idea Board so you can all add to it.
  • Partner Pages (Find spaces and tools contributed by, or featuring, a particular FLEXspace partner)
  • Institution Pages (Each campus has their own page where you can find all spaces, tools, and members from that campus).


Here are more before and after images of the FLEXspace interface.


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