New “Social Distancing” collection of learning space layouts, specs, and planning resources in FLEXspace

As the name implies, the Flexible Learning Environments eXchange is a place where we can openly exchange ideas about learning spaces (technology, facilities, pedagogy), especially helpful during the time of social distancing and dynamic hybrid/flexible modalities as many campuses are making plans for summer facilities projects.

Example from the Social Distancing resources in FLEXspace

Clearly, during this pandemic as we face tremendous uncertainties and variability from campus to campus, we are all seeking ideas and solutions to help prepare learning spaces to support flexible use (online/f2f/hybrid/hyflex) and social distancing requirements for Fall 2020, which may alter enrollments, attendance patterns, access to facilities, seating capacity, classroom system controls, and more. Everything from active learning classrooms and lecture halls to performance spaces, labs and studios, libraries and transition spaces are being considered.

The FLEXspace team urges you to share your examples, ideas and considerations for planning and preparing faculty.

Gallery of Social Distancing examples in FLEXspace.

In the FLEXspace portal, we’ve started a curated gallery of Spaces called “SOCIAL DISTANCING SOLUTIONS” and a gallery of Toolkit resources called “SOCIAL DISTANCING AND HYFLEX” As you share examples and resources in FLEXspace, we’ll add them to those galleries.

Thank you to Maneesh Kumar from Cal Poly, George Chacko at Pace University, and Nick Page and Jim Spencer from Notre Dame for getting things started and sharing their thinking. This link points to a public facing example from Notre Dame, but you’ll need to login to see other social distancing solutions, use Idea Boards and contribute your own resources.

We’ve also created a Google doc (see the Toolkit area in FLEXspace) to collect questions, suggestions, and ideas that campuses are sharing via listservs from CCUMC and Educause ELI. Login to FLEXspace to access this growing community resource – “SOCIAL DISTANCING NEEDS AND SOLUTIONS – SHARED GOOGLE DOC

We look forward to supporting the academic community through this interesting and challenging time for campuses around the world. Click the Portal Login link to register or login to FLEXspace.

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