Community Leadership Award Goes to FLEXspace Executive Director at Educause 2022

Lisa Stephens accepts the 2022 EDUCAUSE Community Leadership Award.
Photo by Jensen Sutta ( Courtesy EDUCAUSE, with permission.

Campus Technology writer, Mary Grush, sat down with Lisa Stephens to discuss her latest achievement and honor. “This year at EDUCAUSE 2022, Lisa A. Stephens accepted the EDUCAUSE Community Leadership Award for her “leadership in exemplary cross-institutional innovation and collaboration.” The award recognizes her full career and accomplishments from a wide range of projects, but her leadership in founding and guiding FLEXspace stands out as her flagship project.” Read the full Campus Technology story by Grush 11/14/22 here.

“Leading this community is like being the conductor of a world-class orchestra.”

— Lisa Stephens

FLEXspace Friends at Educause!
Courtesy of FLEXspace Column in Higher Ed AV Magazine

“What an amazing gathering in Denver! After a long COVID-induced break, EDUCAUSE was back in full force enabling reconnection with hundreds of FLEXspace “friends and family” through presentations, meetings, braindates – and even a coveted Community Leadership Award for our FLEXspace Executive Director – largely in recognition for the global success FLEXspace has become!” True to character, Lisa shares the spotlight with fellow Educause 2022 Award recipients Sue Workman, CIO from Case Western, Michael Berman, CIO from the California State University System, Keith “Mac” McIntosh, VP and CIO from Richmond University, Joe Licata – a Product Management Consultant and former Associate CIO from Maricopa CCC District. Lisa shares her reflections and ‘Educause Recap’ in this month’s Higher Ed AV Magazine FLEXspace column here.

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