Create a Space

It’s easy to create a space in FLEXspace and it makes you and your institution look good. Watch the video or read through the tips and tricks to make your space stand out.

Create a Space Template
Log in to your FLEXspace account
Click the Create New Space buttonCreate Space Button
Look over the template to see all the options for tags and descriptions.
Save your Space – Publish your Space
Complete all of the required fields.Required Fields
Click the Save button. Save Button
Once the space is saved you can:
•Add collaborators
•Edit or add details, and
•Keep it private or Publish when you are
ready to share it with the FLEXspace community.Publish and Collaborator buttons
See your saved private and published spaces
in the My Spaces tab.
Add Collaborators – Change Owner

Add collaborators to your space to get different perspectives on the space and to add additional details to make your space really stand out.

The space ‘owner’ and all collaborators have the same access to edit, publish, unpublish, and add more collaborators to a space.

To add collaborators, click the Collaborator button,
and search the member list for people you want to add.

If you want to invite a new member to FLEXspace,
you may enter their email and click the Invite button.

Once a new member has joined FLEXspace, you can return to the space and add them as a collaborator.
Click the Edit button beside the owner of the space
to change ownership to another collaborator
Make the owner of the space the best contact person for the space. The space will be associated with the owner’s institution.
  • First SAVE the space before you can add collaborators
  • You can add any FLEXspace member as a collaborator or invite someone to join FLEXspace.
  • If you invite someone to collaborate who doesn’t yet have a FLEXspace account, you’ll have to go back and add them as a collaborator after they’ve joined.

Photos Section
Upload several images to make visually display the details of your space.
Click the Browse button to upload images from your drive to FLEXspace
Add a title for your image to provide context and clarity. This will show up as a caption beside your image.
Upload images to the Photo gallery block or showcase individual images using the Features section to add more details or description.
“What’s Inside” Section
Add tags to make your space more useful to the FLEXspace community as they search for best practices. Also, adding multiple tags makes the space more searchable and easier to find.

Make sure to look at all the Tabs and subsections to flesh out your space and give it more details. Easily click on the tags instead of having to type a bunch of details.

Choose brands, environmental features, layouts, furnishings, types of technology, and types of learning.
Case Study Section
Add a story about the space in the case study section
Add details about the space’s impact on teaching and learning.
You might add collaborators such as a faculty member to share stories of how they’re using the space.
Features Section
Customize your space by adding multiple features to your space.
You might add collaborators from facilities, academic technology, etc. to add more detail about particular equipment or features of the space.
You can also make your photos stand out by adding them as “features” and placing a detailed description alongside individual images.
Resources Section
Add resources such as white papers, planning guides,
evaluation instruments, instructor support resources,
floorplans, and research studies.
Files must be less than 5 MB
Allowed file types: txt png jpg gif jpeg pdf doc odt xlsx mov mpt pptx