SCHOMS ’22 – Hybrid, AV, FLEXspace and more!

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WHATEVER name is applied to the style of learning that gained ground during the pandemic – blended, hybrid, hyflex, multi-mode – it was a dominant topic at the SCHOMS22 conference, hosted by the University of Durham, Durham UK. Selected SCHOMS members faced questions on ‘The Evolution of
Hybrid’ from host Mark McCallister of FLEXspace.

Courtesy of SCHOMS Connections

Mark joined FLEXspace executive director Lisa Stephens, along with associate director Rebecca Frazee ‘Zoomed in’ from San Diego State, to offer participants a workshop on the FLIPP – FLEXspace Integrated Planning Pathway – a process that leverages the LSRS and FLEXspace to improve the way campuses engage stakeholders to prioritize and focus learning space planning efforts.

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