SCUP Campus Facilities Inventory by March 19th, 2021


Our friends at The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) are conducting a national benchmarking survey that your campus learning spaces/facilities folks can complete in 10-15 minutes on (a) the space they have today and (b) how they think it may change in the future. Participating institutions receive the report and data tables free of charge –  a great way for participants to gain insights into what your peers are planning for tomorrow.

We encourage you to please complete the survey by March 19th. Learn more about the SCUP Campus Facilities Inventory survey here. Sign up to participate here.

The Campus Facilities Inventory (CFI) survey consists of three sections that will provide a holistic picture of today — while enabling institutions to crowd-source a vision for the future. The three sections include:

  1. Current space use data: Participating institutions will input how much space they have in each category such as classrooms, labs, offices, study, athletics/rec, dining/events, support, and residential;
  2. Anticipated changes to space: Participating institutions will then input the quantitative changes they foresee – which types of space will be going up (i.e., labs and studios?), which will be going down (i.e., offices?), and roughly by how much, and;
  3. Qualitative space changes: Participating institutions will then complement this by identifying the qualitative changes they have made in 2020 and identifying other qualitative changes they are contemplating for 2021 (i.e., exiting leases, more night and weekend scheduling, etc.)

As a reminder, the FLEXspace community is always seeking examples of learning spaces, evidence of impact (whitepapers and research publications), as well as resources and examples to support faculty who are teaching in active, flexible, and HyFlex spaces. 

Especially now, we know that many campuses are seeking examples of spaces to support hybrid/HyFlex learning, outdoor spaces (such as tents to expand capacity), VR labs, maker spaces, design/art studios, and more. Some have recently asked for examples of spaces that will ‘wow’ and attract student athletes and donors.

So please contribute your examples and resources to the FLEXspace portal, and pass along the survey invitation to the right person on your campus.  
Thank you!

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