Learning Glass and Science Glass Competition 2018

The new Science Glass competition videos are now live! Check them out. One of the prizes will be awarded as a popularity contest where the video with the most views + likes will win. 
There will be a screening and prize giveaway sometime this semester. Please stay tuned!

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See what cool and educational presentations these students are making with Learning Glass!

Women in STEM – How Learning Spaces Contribute!



The Next 10 Years: Helping STEM Students Thrive

The UB Women in STEM Cooperative is proud to debut the The Next 10 Years: Helping STEM Students Thrive series, an original online collaboration between Cornell University and the University at Buffalo featuring the perspectives of national thought leaders and institutional representatives about expanding the participation of women in undergraduate STEM education at different scales as informed through the lens of higher education trends, institutional practices, learning spaces and introductory undergraduate courses in STEM.

This interactive, online series will feature a different topic per month. Each session will kick off with a topic introduction by our distinguished thought leaders to be followed by institutional representatives from Cornell University and the University at Buffalo who will share insights from their respective campuses. Audience participants will also be able to join the conversation, ask your questions, share your experiences, build your networks, and learn more about effective evidence-based teaching practices.

On January 10, 2018, FLEXspace’s very own Lisa Stephens, PhD, Office of the SUNY Provost, will be on a panel discussing how Learning Spaces contribute.

Learn more and register at http://www.eng.buffalo.edu/womeninstem/index.html.

Makerspaces and their growing role in STEM education

As a young child, years before the first Harry Potter book was published, I sat at my mother’s kitchen table mixing together anything I could find into a tall glass and calling it a potion. Now, th…

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See what they’re up to at Indiana University. Wonderful post about the importance of makerspaces and their growing role in STEM education.