Request a FLEXspace Account

To request FLEXspace access, please read the “Ground Rules” and complete the form below. The credentials you receive  enable you to view and upload content into FLEXspace.

FLEXspace Ground Rules
FLEXspace data is stored on a stable production platform (ARTstor). Occasional taxonomy updates during the first phase of production (anticipated through 2015) are expected.  As part of the community, updates will be communicated to all account holders.
  1.  Account recipients accept responsibility for uploading institutional content.  Please don’t violate copyright!
  2.  Modify only the records you upload!
  3.  Complete all taxonomy fields – complete records = better community and search options.
  4.  FLEXspace is a community effort, please share ideas and report issues – to realize the FLEXspace potential! 
FLEXspace Portal

Once you have your credentials, you can log in to the FLEXspace portal by visiting or by clicking the portal link on our homepage.