FLIPP the Learning Space Planning Process

The FLEXspace Integrated Planning Pathway (FLIPP) incorporates two free tools, LSRS and the Flexible Learning Environments eXchange, to help senior leadership make investment decisions by engaging diverse advisory groups in collective recommendations when tasked with planning new facilities, including faculty, AV/IT technologists, librarians, instructional designers, and facilities planners. The FLIPP process helps prioritize decisions around core pedagogical values within budgetary constraints.

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What is space planning process?

Space planning is an in-depth analysis of how physical space is used in structures. It considers the purpose of spaces and who will use them. Space planning is a process that takes several steps, and it's an important component for the work of interior designers and architects.

What is the purpose of learning spaces

Learning space or learning setting refers to a physical setting for a learning environment, a place in which teaching and learning occur. The term is commonly used as a more definitive alternative to "classroom," but it may also refer to an indoor or outdoor location, either actual or virtual.