Searching and Viewing

User Guides / How to search and view FLEXspace content

 Here you’ll find tutorials and step-by-step instructions for how to search and view FLEXspace content, and how to save and organize your favorites for later viewing, downloading, and sharing with others. For FLEXspace Technical Support, contact

Quick Card for Download

Tips for making the most of FLEXspace, plus how to search, sort, and share your favorites!Download this “flexspace-quickcard-2015sept” with tips for:

  • Making the most of FLEXspace
  • Using the advanced search  to find spaces that meet your needs
  • How to search, sort, and share your favorites by creating image groups and  PPT slide decks

SEARCH and Advanced Search

Use key terms, wildcards, search within a previous search, save your search terms (see below on this page for taxonomies and key search terms you may want to use to narrow your searches).

Wildcards for Artstor

SAVE your favorites with Image Groups

Select favorites, save to new image group or append to existing image group.

ORGANIZE your image groups and folders

Create, rename, rearrange folders and image groups and set permissions.

Searching KeyWords for learning spaces

You could use these specific terms, taken from the detailed taxonomies that contributors may have used to describe their spaces. 
Remember to put these terms inside quotations when you search.

Learning Scale (capacity)

Learning activities enabled












Space Design Type


Pedagogies Supported


Primary Discipline















Traditional Technologies


Technology Type Category



AV Sources














AV Control Interfaces







Human Interaction Tools