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A few years back, two professors who had previously only taught in face-to-face courses found themselves developing online courses, deprived of their beloved chalkboards. Matt Anderson at San Diego State University and Michael Peshkin at Northwestern University knew they wanted to preserve the immediacy afforded by drawing by hand while lecturing, but turning away from the camera to draw was even more unacceptable than turning away from a live classroom.

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So proud of the collaboration between San Diego State University and Northwestern around this innovative learning technology. How will you use it on your campus? STEM? Art? What else?

Learning Glass and Science Glass Competition 2018

The new Science Glass competition videos are now live! Check them out. One of the prizes will be awarded as a popularity contest where the video with the most views + likes will win. 
There will be a screening and prize giveaway sometime this semester. Please stay tuned!

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See what cool and educational presentations these students are making with Learning Glass!