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FLEXspace offers the opportunity for sponsors to promote your company, products, and services, and to authentically connect and engage with the FLEXspace community that includes those involved in projects to refresh, renovate, or build new learning spaces in academic settings in higher ed, K12, community colleges, and academic libraries. Whether you specialize in flexible furniture, collaborative and interactive instructional technology, or facilities and furnishings, you should join our global community of academic technologists, faculty, campus leaders, facilities specialists, A/V integrators, architects, designers and more.

A tiered sponsorship structure offers a range of opportunities for individual consultants and small professional services firms such as designers and architects, plus all sizes of corporate and institutional sponsors.  Please contact us to discuss how you can join and support our community!





  • Gain access to this targeted community of campus learning space decision makers and stakeholders year round, not a one-time event
  • Gain access to an extensive collection of spaces, case studies, and resources contributed by individuals from academic institutions and other partners from around the world.
  • Gain insights into the needs and interests of the academic community: Identify which institutions and individuals are contributing;  Receive reports to track user preferences, interests, and usage patterns – Eg.,  space types, brands, and terms being searched, spaces/products being “liked” and saved to “Idea Boards”; Receive analytics/demographic information of browsing patterns of sponsored content.

Our Growing Community

As of March 2018 We have 3000 registered users representing 1400+ EDU institutions in 45 countries!

Our registered users have titles such as:

  • University Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Deans, VPs, CIOs, CLOs
  • University Directors, Managers, and Specialists in:
    • Academic Technology
    • AV/Media Services
    • Centers for Teaching and Learning
    • Distance Education
    • Educational Technology
    • Facilities and Campus Infrastructure
    • Information Technology and Systems
    • Instructional Design
    • Learning Space Technologies and Design
    • Libraries
    • Policy, Planning, and Administration
  • Systems Integrators and Engineers
  • Architects and Interior Designers
  • Faculty and Researchers
Check out our Sponsor Prospectus

Please contact us so we can share the sponsor prospectus with your team. And see our latest presentation at CCUMC Notre Dame 2017.

What is FLEXspace?

The Flexible Learning Environments eXchange – FLEXspace – is a searchable, open access repository of images with detailed attributes of learning environments. FLEXspace enables faculty, technology integrators and facilities designers to contribute and view examples of innovative spaces from around the globe. The FLEXspace community includes scholars, academic technology leaders and campus buyers, designers, managers, faculty, and others tasked with design, implementation and assessment of campus learning spaces.

You can read more about us and the commitment of founding institutional partners including SUNY, ARTstor, CCUMC, SCUP, ELI, MERLOT, CSU and California Community college systems.

Why Sponsor FLEXspace?

In 2016, FLEXspace had grown from a few test users to more than 1000+ unique accounts representing over 500 individual educational institutions from around the globe! As of Spring 2017, we grew to over 2400 registered users representing 1100+ EDU institutions in over 40 countries! Now in 2018 we have over 3000 users from 1400 institutions in 45 countries!

  • Designers, Integrators and Institutional leaders contribute “feet on the ground” perspectives while showcasing institutional spaces
  • FLEXspace saves time, money and effort – it’s like a virtual road trip!
  • Technology Iintegrators, Architects/Designers, Facilities Planners, and Faculty share insights about what’s important to them
  • Makes a powerful tool free to higher education K12
  • Increased integration with the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative sponsored Learning Space Rating System

Depending on your level of sponsorship, some of the benefits include:

  • Access to the FLEXspace Design Repository (Access via User Account Only)
  • Analytics from the FLEXspace Design Repository (Access via User Account Only)
  • Presence on the Website, where you can showcase your organization and connect with the FLEXspace community of practice
  • Membership on the Industry Advisory Council to guide ongoing development of FLEXspace.

Please contact us for specific details of the tiered sponsorship levels and further information about how you can join us and support this worthy FLEXspace initiative!

Sponsor Benefits

Tiered Sponsorship Opportunities

All individuals with academic affiliation (e.g., EDU or K12) have a free membership. Others can join our community through partner sponsorship.

Many ways to engage

We are in the process of redesigning the interface, adding new features and functionality that will offer new ways for sponsor partners to engage with our community.

  • Access to view the complete FLEXspace design repository
  • Access to upload records to the FLEXspace design repository
  • Data reports regarding the FLEXspace Collection and user trends
  • FLEXspace User Polling
  • Sponsor Webinars – Shared or exclusive sponsor webinars will allow FLEXspace to promote a monthly webinar on a topic of interest to the learning space design community, hosted and conducted by a sponsor. Sponsors may choose to conduct the webinar themselves, or partner with an academic user whose designs are featured in FLEXspace.
  • Membership on the FLEXspace Industry Advisory Council (IAC) – Sponsors on the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) will be responsible for advising the FLEXspace Board on ways to enhance and improve its collective value, opportunities to promote greater use of FLEXspace in the academic and non-profit communities, and ways that sponsorship opportunities can be enhanced to provide greater value for sponsors.
  • Acknowledgement at Presentations and Events -Sponsors will receive recognition by the FLEXspace core team during regularly delivered workshops and presentations at state, regional, and national conferences, onsite and online, to promote the FLEXspace repository.
  • Exposure through our conference presentations. You’ll have your logo included in our presentation slide decks and print collateral. Over the past 2 years, core team members have presented at dozens of onsite and online sessions, and anticipate many more to come, including:
    • EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative,, Feb ‘15, 2016, 2017, New Orleans 2018
    • Library Conferences (Coalition of Network Information – CNI), Spring ‘15
    • InfoComm Orlando, June ‘15, June ’17
    • SCUP-50 Chicago, July ‘15
    • Campus Technology, Boston July ‘15
    • National Forum on Active Learning Classrooms at UMN (NFALC), Aug ‘15, March ’17, and the IFALC Aug 2017
    • EduComm ’15, Atlanta, Sept  ’15
    • EDUCAUSE, Oct ’15, 2016, 2017
    • CCUMC Pittsburgh, Oct ‘15, Notre Dame Oct 2017
    • DET/CHE (Directors of Educational Technology/California Higher Education), Nov ‘15, 2016
    • UBTech – June 2017 Program Sponsor


Please contact us for specific details of the tiered sponsorship levels and further information about how you can join us and support this worthy FLEXspace initiative!

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