Learning Space Rating System (LSRS)

Criteria and proposed framework to assess learning space design


FLEXspace is thrilled to be collaborating with the ELI Learning Space Rating System (LSRS) initiative. Each FLEXspace record contains a field where the LSRS score may be entered. This year, progress continues around the alignment of the FLEXspace and LSRS initiatives.

According to ELI and EDUCAUSE, the LSRS is intended to:

  • guide the planning and design of learning spaces,
  • objectively measure a design’s strength to support active learning,
  • assist in assessing the performance of learning spaces once in use, and
  • provide a guide to adapting existing spaces to institutional need.

“The Learning Space Rating System (LSRS) provides institutions with a measure of how the planning, design, and support of their learning spaces encourage active learning. The LSRS Team intends the system to assess the potential of physical environments to enable a spectrum of active teaching and learning engagements. The rating system enables institutions not only to examine the effectiveness of their own facilities but also to benchmark their environments against best practices within the higher education community, and thereby enable all to advocate for more effective learning spaces.” …Read more About the LSRS at EDUCAUSE.org.