FLEXspace Research and Evaluation Working Group

The FLEXspace Research & Evaluation Working Group (FREWG) aims to identify and advance opportunities for research and development that will facilitate evidence-based and data-informed practice in the learning spaces arena. Of particular interest are opportunities that both leverage the capabilities of FLEXspace as an open resource-sharing repository and community as well as contribute to its ongoing growth and development. Part of the latter involves providing the FLEXspace and broader learning space community with a “toolkit” containing guides and instruments to assist them in carrying out replicable and repeatable research and evaluation studies.

The Working Group is undertaking activities in the following focus areas:

  1. Stakeholder criteria for evaluating learning spaces (Coordinator: Kevin McDonough)
  2. Usage/applications of FLEXspace and the Learning Space Rating System (Coordinator: TBA)
  3. Learning space design patterns and analytics (Coordinator: Mark J. W. Lee)
  4. Virtual and hybrid-flexible (HyFlex) learning spaces (Coordinator: Brian Beatty)

For more information about FREWG and its activities, please contact the Chair, Mark J. W. Lee.

FREWG Research Resources