The Evolution of FLEXspace: Help Us Make This a Reality!

Take a look at our Sponsorship Tiers Info Card that details our plans for expansion, and how sponsors can help support us!

The Tool: FLEXspace is an integrated planning tool that supports university personnel throughout various stages of the ideation and (re)design process. FLEXspace helps:

  • Improve process efficiencies and the effectiveness of design choices.
  • Bridge various stakeholders to foster better communication and discipline-based understanding
  • Build consensus among campus stakeholders before involving architects, donors and others

The Community: The website will emerge as THE “one stop shop” resource for those who plan, design, maintain and use innovative campus learning spaces.

And The Winner Is….

As you know, last month we held a contest to encourage contributions of academic library learning spaces to the FLEXspace collection. Now, we’re happy to announce that the contest winner is Stony Brook University Libraries and their new Central Reading Room!! 
laurasquaresmallThank you to Laura Costello for contributing the space and fleshing out a detailed record! Laura is the Head of Research & Emerging Technologies, and the liaison to the Computer Science and Linguistics departments. She also selects reference materials for the library and provides reference services in person and online. She is actively trying to integrate new and emerging technologies into library service.  You can follow Laura’s conference blog here.
For their winning contribution, one member of the Stony Brook University Libraries team received an all expense paid trip to attend the Designing Libraries for the 21st Century Conference in Calgary. We are proud to have the Stony Brook University Libraries exemplars showcased in the FLEXspace collection and shared with this worldwide community! 
And a tremendous thank you to Herman Miller for sponsoring the winner!

Almost 2000 Users! The FLEXspace Community and Collection Continues to Grow!

FLEXspace user stats

FLEXspace Keeps Growing!

We’re proud to report continued growth this summer! The FLEXspace community now has almost 2000 individual user accounts from just under 1000 separate institutions across 34 countries!

Most users are located in the United States, but we have a growing user community in Australia, Canada, the UK and Europe!

Check out our latest September user stats.

You asked, we listened….One more week for entering the contest!

Deadline extended for sharing your spaces and entering to win a trip to the 5th Annual Designing Libraries Conference in Calgary! 

Due to several last minute interest and requests for extending the contest deadline, we say YES!

We’re extending the deadline for entry one week to Friday, Aug 26th!

Enter to Win!Even if you only have a temporary ‘placeholder’ image, or a ‘before’ image for the space right now, you can upload that image and complete the metadata details for the record now so you’ll have an SSID record number to enter the contest.

Later, we’ll make sure you add other images and assets to the record.

See the original post for the contest details and a link to the contest entry form!



It’s Official! FLEXspace Gets the 2016 Campus Technology Innovators Award!


It’s official! Joseph Moreau and Lisa Stephens accepted the 2016 Campus Technology Innovators Award on behalf of “Team FLEXspace!”

Many thanks to University at Joe and Lisa all smiles getting the Campus Technology Innovators Award!Buffalo, SUNY Geneseo, California State University, Consortium of College & University Media Centers (CCUMC), EDUCAUSE ELI, Herman Miller & all our sponsors who have made it possible for over 800 .edu’s across 32 countries to exchange ideas & examples of effective learning spaces. We’re on the stage only because of your dedication & effort… Keep on uploading!


See you at Campus Technology and InfoComm in Boston!



We wanted to say Thank You to our great community of FLEXspace users and supporters! Because of you and your continued engagement, we’re proud to be accepting the 2016 Innovators Award at Campus Technology in Boston next week! Wow, FLEXspace has come a long way in the last few years. Enormous growth of our community, an expanding collection of learning space examples, additional sponsors and partners, countless conference presentations, several industry publications, and now this award!! 



Share Your Learning Spaces by August 26th to be eligible to attend the 5th Annual Designing Libraries Conference in Calgary for FREE!

FLEXspace™ is excited to announce an opportunity to showcase your campus library learning spaces and help expand the FLEXspace OER collection!

We encourage you to participate and to share this announcement with your colleagues, and through listservs and social networks!

Whether you are a new or existing FLEXspace user, for each library learning space example uploaded by your campus, you will be entered into a drawing to have one member of your team attend the Designing Libraries V Conference in Calgary with conference
registration, travel and hotel costs paid!**

AND if you share your space and enter by Aug 26th, we’ll include your campus space(s) here on our website in our Spaces in the Spotlight feature — a great way to get recognition for your campus and your work! (You asked, we listened…So the deadline was extended to Aug 26th!)

But it’s NOT just for library spaces. A number of folks have asked if this contest is open to more than just library spaces, and the answer…. (Drumroll)… YES! All spaces entered will be eligible for a chance to attend The Designing Libraries Conference… So get those non-Library spaces uploaded too!


To enter, first upload a complete record to the FLEXspace collection, then complete the official entry form.  You may enter an unlimited number of library learning space to increase the chance of winning! See Contest Details below. 

What is FLEXspace?

As Lisa Stephens explains in our recent5-Minutes of Fameat the New Media Consortium conference, FLEXspace is an open education collection of campus learning space examples contributed by universities, schools, and libraries worldwide. FLEXspace allows campuses to showcase projects, and view examples of what others are doing to save time, money and effort when planning and building learning spaces.

FLEXspace just received the 2016 Campus Technology Innovators Award for IT Infrastructure and Systems. We have over 1800 users from over 900 institutions across 32 countries, and growing!

About the Designing Libraries Conference

CNI, NCSU and the University of Calgary are sponsoring the 5th Annual Conference for Designing Libraries for the 21st Century, September 18-20, 2016 – hosted this year at the University at Calgary.

Librarians, architects, planners, designers, technologists, and educators will come together from across North America to discuss the challenges and achievements of designing libraries for 21st Century learners. See additional conference details at

Contest Details

To contribute to FLEXspace and enter the drawing:

  • Step 1: Read complete contest guidelines and restrictions below.
  • Step 2: Sign up for a FLEXspace account if you don’t already have one.
  • Step 3: Enter/update a complete library learning space record by Friday, August 26th, 2016.
  • Step 4: Complete the official online entry form to notify FLEXspace that your record is ready and entered into the drawing. (NOTE: You MUST do this in order to enter the drawing!).
  • Winner will be selected at random and announced Friday, August 26th, 2016.

Note: You may enter/upload as many separate library learning space examples as you like. The more spaces uploaded to FLEXspace, the more chances you have to win!

Note: You will need to enter the SSID for the record you upload. You can find that on the “Upload” side of FLEXspace (not the ‘browse/view’ side).

Where to find SSID

Contest guidelines and restrictions

RESTRICTIONS: **This offer is limited to the cost of hotel, conference registration, and travel/airfare expenses only, not to exceed $1500 USD total. Meals and extras are the responsibility of the winner. 

ELIGIBILITY: Individuals with institutional .EDU email addresses (or international or other education equivalent) are eligible for a FLEXspace account and to enter the drawing. The contest is open to an unlimited number of FLEXspace contributors from the same institution. Upload/complete more than one library learning space and increase your chances! (duplicates of the same space will not be accepted)

DEADLINE: All qualifying FLEXspace records (newly uploaded or updated), that have completed the drawing entry form by Thursday, August 18th, 2016, are eligible for the drawing.

WINNER: The winner will be drawn at random from the official entry forms. Incomplete records will not be considered. The winner may transfer the prize to a colleague from the same campus if desired. The winner will be announced via email sent out to the community on Friday, August 19th, 2016. (Note: If you have not made travel arrangements, our sponsor will assist.) Support for this contest is being generously provided by Herman Miller, a founding sponsor of FLEXspace effort.

Questions about entries and library learning spaces

What counts as a Campus Library Learning Space? Nearly any physical campus library classroom or learning space qualifies, for example:

  • Active Learning Classrooms
  • Collaboration Spaces for student brainstorming and small group discussions
  • Digital Scholarship Centers
  • Learning Commons and Information Commons
  • Multimedia Studio Environments
  • Visualization Labs
  • And more!

UPDATE: What about other campus learning spaces? Do those count?
YES! A number of folks have asked if this contest is open to more than just library spaces, and the answer…. (Drumroll)… YES! All spaces entered will be eligible for a chance to attend The Designing Libraries Conference… So get those non-Library spaces uploaded too!

What counts as a complete record? The FLEXspace record you enter must include details in all fields on all three tabs (Learning & Assessment, Technology, and Facilities) – including the comment fields! (If you can’t complete some of the fields, tell us why in the comments!). You may have multiple “records” associated with one “learning space,” so make sure you copy complete data to all associated records.

How many chances/records may I enter? Only one record/chance per learning space will be counted towards the drawing. E.g., If you upload 5 photos or documents for “Room AH1120,” this is considered one eligible “learning space” entry into the drawing. If you upload a complete record for another learning space, “Room BAM195,” that counts as a second and separate entry/chance for the drawing.

How do I get help using FLEXspace?

What about the conference? Find out more about the 5th Annual Designing Libraries Conference in Calgary, September 18-20, 2016  at .