Our Team

The FLEXspace initiative is a large collaborative effort including:

  • Management staff
  • Core advisory board
  • Industry advisory council
  • Research and evaluation working group – NEW in 2018

Please contact us if you’d like to get involved!

Core Team Members

The Core Team has been active since early 2012 in working to envision a sustainable FLEXspace resource for the global higher education community.

You can email us at info@flexspace.org or connect with the FLEXspace Core Team members directly.

Lisa Stephens
FLEXspace Executive Director

Senior Strategist, SUNY Academic Innovation, Office of the SUNY Provost
Assistant Dean, Digital Education - University at Buffalo School of Engineering & Applied Sciences


Rebecca Frazee
Faculty, Learning Design & Technology Program

San Diego State University

Simon Birkett
Digital Campus Manager

Staffordshire University, UK

Malcolm Brown
Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative

James Frazee
Senior Academic Technology Officer

San Diego State University

Gerard Hanley
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Technology Services

California State University, Office of the Chancellor

  • Executive Director, MERLOT 
  • Director, SkillsCommons

Cal State SystemMERLOTSkillsCommons
Phil Long
Chief Innovation Officer and Associate Vice Provost For Learning Sciences

University of Texas, Austin

Mark McCallister
Director, Academic Technology

University of Florida

Joseph Moreau
CTO & Vice Chancellor, Technology

Foothill-DeAnza Community College District

Kim Scalzo
Director, Ctr. for Professional Development

SUNY System Administration

Brad Snyder
Technical Services Coordinator

SUNY College at Cortland

Claire Turcotte
Managing Editor, Planning for Higher Education

Society for College and University Planning

Jim Twetten
Academic Technology Spaces

 Service Owner

Office of Information Technology
University of Minnesota

James Young
Chief Learning Officer

Society for College and University Planning

John Augeri
Deputy Director

Paris Île-de-France Digital University
Kyoto University | Invited Researcher

Dana C. Gierdowski

FLEXspace Core Team, Research Committee

Christopher Johnson

ISTE Learning Space Network

Program Director and Assistant Professor, Educational Technology

The University of Arizona South 

Mark J. W. Lee
Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Charles Sturt U., Australia
IEEE Ed Tech Associate Editor

Joan Lippincott
Associate Executive Director

Coalition for Networked Information

Jeanne Narum

The Independent Colleges Office
Learning Spaces Collaboratory

FLEXspace Research & Evaluation Working Group

In the initial formation of this group, there was general agreement among members that the goal of the Working Group should not be restricted to executing our own studies, but rather that we should seek to map out a broader research agenda for the LS community based on needs and gaps in the scholarly and practitioner knowledge base, and then to provide enabling frameworks, tools, and capacity-building guidance to empower the community as a whole to pursue the agenda. In order to do this effectively we will need to build and leverage our synergies with key existing groups, most notably the Learning Space Rating System (LSRS) project being carried out under the auspices of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, and the Learning Spaces Collaboratory (LSC), which grew out of Project Kaleidoscope, as well as other international groups like JISC (UK equivalent of EDUCAUSE) and CAUDIT (Australia). Fortunately, there is strong representation of these groups on our Working Group, including leaders from both the LSRS team and the LSC.

Here are a few of the members as of May 2018:

  • šPatricia Aceves, Asst. Provost and Senior Dir., Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Stony Brook
  • šJohn Augeri, International learning spaces researcher, Director, Paris Ile-de-France Digital University
  • šTracey Birdwell, Indiana University, ID and faculty developer leading IU’s active learning initiative
  • šLucila Carvalho, Senior Lecturer in e-Learning & Digital Technologies, Massey University, New Zealand
  • šBernie Dodge, Learning Design & Technology Faculty, San Diego State University
  • Shirley Dugdale – Dugdale Strategy, LLC
  • šMark Lee, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Charles Sturt University, AUS; Visiting Faculty, Carnegie Mellon
  • šKatie Linder, Research Director, Oregon State Ecampus
  • šMarsha Lovett, Associate Vice Provost for Teaching Innovation & Learning Analytics as well as Director of the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University
  • šKevin McDonough, Asst. Professor of English, Dir. of the CTL, Faculty Development, Lackawanna College
  • šJeanne Narum, Founder, Learning Spaces Collaboratory
  • šRebecca Rotundo, Instructional Technology Specialist, University at Buffalo
  • šRobert Talbert, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Grand Valley State University
  • šKeith Webster, Dean of Libraries and Director of Emerging and Integrative Media Initiatives, formerly at The University of Queensland

Please contact us for more information about joining this group.

Foundational Working Groups

These teams provided tremendous mindshare and time to getting FLEXspace off the ground.

A/V Integration Team

Team is tasked with reviewing and modifying existing audio-video taxonomy to ensure that classroom media and A/V integration fields are properly separated from facilities fields, and that all baseline information is correct.

  • Core Team Lead: Brad Snyder, SUNY Cortland
  • Estimated number of meetings: 4 Con Calls
  • Deliverable target: early August

Documents: IISR Data Development for Proof of Concept.xls

Facilities Integration Team

The Facilities Integration Team is tasked with reviewing and modifying existing facilities and construction taxonomy fields to ensure that descriptions are properly separated from A/V integration fields, and that all baseline information is correct.

  • Core Team Lead: TBA
  • Estimated number of meetings: 4 Con Calls
  • Deliverable target: early August
Learning Spaces Typology & Assessment Team

The Learning Spaces Typology & Assessment Team is tasked with creating and modifying existing learning space classifications and related fields to ensure a common understanding of space descriptions. This team will also develop an assessment method (or rubrics) to measure the pedagogical effectiveness of the learning space type.

  • Core Team Lead: Clare van den Blink, Cornell University
  • Estimated number of meetings: 6 Con Calls
  • Deliverable target: early August

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Peer Review Team

The Peer Review Team is tasked with adapting the MERLOT boilerplate material and methods of Open Access peer review to the FLEXspace collection. This includes development of policy and licensing guidelines, and API exploration to share data between content systems.


  • Core Team Lead: Gerry Hanley, California State University System
  • Estimated number of meetings: 6-8 Con Calls
  • Deliverable target: TBD (Target start: Fall 2013, follows soft rollout of production content. Dependencies contingent upon collection and taxonomy development.)
Partnership Team

The Partnership Team is tasked with development and outreach to potential partners to establish long term service support. This team will coordinate closely with the Governance Team, and also draft a marketing and communications plan.


  • Core Team Lead: Joe Moreau, Vice Chancellor – Foothill-DeAnza Community College District
  • Estimated number of meetings: 6-8 Con Calls
  • Deliverable target: Early September
Governance Team

The Governance Team is tasked with drafting Bylaws and developing the core team transition plan. It includes identification of legal necessities (contracts), integrates partnership recommendations into guiding documents and assists with marketing and communications planning.


  • Core Team Lead: Kim Scalzo, SUNY Center for Professional Development
  • Estimated number of meetings: 4-6 Con Calls
  • Deliverable target: First week of September

Taxonomy Review & Contributors

Learning and Assessment
  • Clare van den Blink – Cornell University (Core Lead)
  • Doug Willen – Swarthmore College
  • Joan Lippincott – Coalition Network Info.
  • Linda Kendall Knox – University of Michigan
  • Dana Gierdowski – North Carolina State University
Technology Integration
  • Brad Snyder – SUNY Cortland (Core Lead)
  • Charles Minihan – Emory University
  • Beth Fellendorf – University at Buffalo
  • Lori Swinney – University of North Dakota
  • Mark McCallister – University of Florida
  • John Pfeffer – University at at Buffalo
  • Jim Twetten – Iowa State University
FLEXspace Identity Design
  • Laurie Yarnes – University at Buffalo
Facilities Integration
  • Terry Calhoun – SCUP (Core Lead)
  • Claire Turcotte – SCUP
  • Ira Fink – Ira Fink and Associates
  • Persis Rickes – Rickes Associates Inc.
  • Shirley Dugdale – Dugdale Strategy, LLC
  • Scott Shader – University of Mass Med School – Worcester
  • Valarie Avalone Monroe Community College (SUNY)
  • Daniel K.Paulien Paulien & Associates, Inc.
  • Fran Gast RI School Design (RISD) Ret.
  • Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham – University of Mass – Amherst
  • Lennie Scott-Webber Steelcase Inc.
  • Michael Hites – University of Illinois
Original SUNY Innovative Instruction Space Repository (IISR) Contributors
  • SUNY FACT2 Learning Environments Task Group – (2011)
  • David Lavallee, SUNY Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost, (Partner)
  • Joseph Moreau, Chief Technology Officer, Oswego, Chair
  • Lisa Stephens, Associate Director of Academic Services, University at Buffalo (FACT2 Chair)
  • Joan Getman, Sr. Strategist for Learning Technologies, Cornell
  • Greg Bronson, Project Lead, Cornell
  • Graham Glynn, Assistant Provost, Stony Brook
  • Wayne Jones, Chemistry Department Chair, Binghamton
  • Mark McBride, Instructional Support, Buffalo State College
Many Thanks to Original and Previous Core Team Members:
  • Terry CalhounDirector, Media Relations and Publications,  Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) (ret.)
  • Clare van den Blink, Former Vice President of Information Technology and CIO, Pace University
  • Megan Marler, Artstor

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