Share Your Learning Spaces by August 26th to be eligible to attend the 5th Annual Designing Libraries Conference in Calgary for FREE!

FLEXspace™ is excited to announce an opportunity to showcase your campus library learning spaces and help expand the FLEXspace OER collection! We encourage you to participate and to share this announcement with your colleagues, and through listservs and social networks! Whether you are a new or existing FLEXspace user, for each library learning space example uploaded by [...]

FLEXspace keeps growing! 1800+ Users, 900 institutions, 32+ countries!

FLEXspace User Stats - June 2016 As of Summer 2016, over 1800 individuals from 900 institutions across 32 countries are using FLEXspace!  Total Users: 1806 Total institutions (academic and non-): 926 Academic (college or university): 770 Independent Art/Architecture School: 5 Academic (K-12): 45 Consortia: 2 Special: 1 Other - not-for-profit or government: 10 Other - [...]

New Book: A Guide to Teaching in the Active Learning Classroom: History, Research, and Practice

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Buy A Guide to Teaching in the Active Learning Classroom: History, Research, and Practice: Read Kindle Store Reviews -

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NMC Gives FLEXspace Our 5-Minutes of Fame!

Lisa Stephens of Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence presents "FLEXspace: A Long Way from the Shark Tank!" during Five Minutes of Fame at the 2016 NMC Summer Conference in Rochester, NY. Flexible Learning Environment eXchange (FLEXspace), a highly searchable, open repository of learning spaces, is now available in over 28 countries and full of detailed [...]